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BBE Sound Inc.
BBE - 362 SONIC MAXIMIZER™ (Specs)PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual

362 SONIC MAXIMIZER (Front and Back View)The 362 series delivers the sound-improving benefits of a BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER™ signal processor with the convenience of ganged-stereo operation

All music that is amplified through a loudspeaker suffers some loss of fidelity - or subtle distortions - caused by the inherent characteristics of the loudspeaker itself. The BBE system addresses these problems by compensating for phase and amplitude distortions and, in effect, delivering the signal to the speaker in a form which allows it to reproduce the original live performance more fully and more faithfully.

BBE Sound Inc.
BBE - Max-X3 with BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER™ (Specs) Manual

Max-X3 with BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER (Front View)

Max-X3 with BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER (Angle View)The Max-X3 is the first signal processor of its kind to feature an on-board BBE Sonic Maximizer. The BBE High Definition Sound process employed by the Sonic Maximizer is world renown among music and sound professionals for remarkable improvements in total sound quality, bringing crystalline clarity and air to the source material as well as revealing rich harmonic subtleties. The Max-X3 employs BBE's latest High Definition Sound technology, in the very same 4th Generation BBE Professional chipset which powers the BBE 482i and 882i Sonic Maximizers.

Behringer - Just Listen
ULTRA-DYNE PRO DSP9024 (Specs)PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Spec Sheet
Digital 2-Channel Multi-band Compressor-Limiter • Gate • Peak Limiter

The DSP9024 offers six freely definable bands of dynamic processing plus a program-adaptive 3-band exciter, tube emulation and an integrated delay for “look-ahead” parameter adjustment. Interactive signal analysis and unique automatic functions enable you to get results fast, whether you need multi-band compression, loudness maximization, de-essing or selective gating.

And the optional AES8024 adds digital inputs/outputs to your DSP9024

Behringer - Just Listen
ULTRA-GRAPH PRO GEQ3102 2 x 31-Band EQ (Specs) Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Spec Sheet
The GEQ3102 puts a powerful graphic equalization tool in your hands, with 2 x 31 standard 1 /3 -octave center frequencies plus sweep able high- and low-pass filters for “pre-graphic” trimming. The dual 12-segment LED chains can display either input or output level, and each EQ section can be bypassed for quick comparisons.

Lexicon MPX110 - 24-Bit Dual-Channel Processor
Lexicon® MPX110 - 24-Bit Dual-Channel Processor Manual
Lexicon® MPX110 - Dual Channel Rackmount Effects Processor - 24-Bit - Lexicon®’s award-winning MPX Series, the MPX 110 24-Bit Dual Channel Processor replaces the MPX 100 as Lexicon’s most affordable dual-channel processor. A true stereo processor, the MPX 110 includes 24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, and relies on the proprietary Lexichip engine to perform 24-bit internal processing. Its 240 carefully-crafted presets feature legendary Lexicon reverb, as well as dual programs that combine two independent effects in four routing configurations.

Tempo can be set using audio input, a dual footswitch, the front panel Tap button, or an external MIDI device. A powerful editing tool called Learn Mode allows patching of five front panel controls, while permanent MIDI patches provide access to audio parameters not available from the front panel.


• Legendary Lexicon reverb
• Lexicon’s proprietary Lexichip
• 24-bit internal processing
• 24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion
• 240 presets
• 16 User programs
• 44.1kHz S/PDIF output (may be set to wet or dry for use as a high-quality, stand-alone converter)
• Simultaneous analog and digital outputs
• Independent processing of each input
• Dual programs that combine two independent effects in four routing configurations
• Multiple delay, modulation, and pitch effects
• Tap Tempo
• Full MIDI control
• Software-selectable MIDI Out/Thru connector
• Two-stage headroom indicators
• Global Mix and Tempo Modes
• Headphone output
• High impedance inputs for instruments
• Push-button or footswitch selection of dry or muted audio output
• 20Hz-20kHz±1dB frequency responses

Computer Equipment

Western Digital External 500gig Pro Book PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs

Western Digital 500gig External Drive

Dual Intel Pentium 4 3.2ghz CPU with 1gig RAM


Other Equipment

Sony CD/DVD Player DVP-S300 PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs
Sony DVP-S300 Region 1 DVD Player
Supported Media Formats: DVD, Audio CD, Video CD, CD-R
Supported Audio Output Formats: Dolby Digital(AC3), RCA Analog
Supported Video Output Formats: S-Video(2), RCA(2)




Kodak Digital Camera CX6230

Sony Digital Video Camera DCR-PC109 that supports Digital Media PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs
Also, has wide action lens, and telescopic lens

Compact and feature rich, the Sony DCR-PC109 MiniDV Handycam is the perfect camcorder for people who demand quality and convenience. Featuring a large 2.5" hybrid SwivelScreen LCD display, Super NightShot Plus infrared recording system, Super SteadyShot image stabilization, and a big 1.0 megapixel Advanced HAD imaging device, the DCR-PC109 provides all the punch of a camera twice its size. Combined with Memory Stick DUO media, it even doubles as a digital camera, able to take pictures as large as 1152 x 864 pixels. What really sets it apart from the competition, though, is its innovative Handycam Station, which provides quick and easy connection between the camcorder and your TV, VCR, or computer. Now, viewing your footage is easier than ever before. Plus, it provides power to the camcorder and charges the battery while you wait, assuring you a full charge whenever you use it.

Yamaha - Keyboard PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs


Pro Line - Speaker Stands LST2BK PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs

The Pro Line tripod Sturdy, lightweight speaker stand features a center steel shaft for maximum support and an aluminum body for lighter weight. Locking pins are included for extra safety. 150-lb. capacity. Fits 1.375" or 1.5" speaker mounts. Height adjusts from 45"-73".





Tape Deck



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