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American DJ - Sunray Tri LED DMX

American DJ LED Advantages:
Extremely Long Life (50,000 hr. rated)
Rich, saturated colors that will not fade
Very low power consumption - connect more units in a single circuit
Low heat output
Runs extremely cool! - NO Duty Cycles! - Run all night!
Razor sharp beams Revolutionary New Tri Color Technology that produces color-changing beams of LED light.
Superior Optics produce Razor Sharp Beams across a Dance Floor or Great effect on wall.
Rich Saturated Colors and Long Life LED.
LED DMX-512 Moonflower with sharp multi-color dichronic high output colored beams
High output with new Tri Color LED technology-3-in-1 (RGB LED produces up to 7 colors)
Colors Include: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Yellow, Cyan
Bright LED Sunray similar to a mirrorball effect
Produces 34 crisp, bright color beams from one 3-Watt LED source
Use with or without fog
Beam angle:138 degree
3DMX channels: Dimmer/Strobe; Color, Rotation: Clockwise & Counter Clockwise plus rotation speed, Color
2 operational modes: Master/slave sound active mode DMX mode
Multi-voltage operation: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.25 x 8.25 x 7 / 210x210x179
Weight: 4 lbs. / 1.8 kgs.
Power Consumption: 13W
LED Wattage: 3W
Light Source: 3W RGB LED 3-in-1
Current draw:120V 015A/230V 0.07A
Fuse /Breaker: T2AA/250V
Fan Cooled
Can be Linked together by XLR cable

Chauvet Lighting
Rent ME! Chauvet Intimidator 1.0 - Scanner PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs DMX Values

*Set of 4 - Watch Demo Video*

DMX control with 15 gobos and 18 colors! The 4-channel Intimidator 1.0 DMX-512 intelligent scanner features a combined dichroic color/gobo wheel with 14 gobos plus open and 18 colors plus white, strobing, 180 pan in .5 sec., 90 tilt in .3 sec, and Smart Link. A surface-coated mirror ensures optimum luminosity. Sound-active (standalone), master/slave, and DMX modes. Standalone mode is activated automatically when a DMX signal is absent and the Intimidator will run through its diverse range of built-in sound-active programs. Master/slave mode lets you daisy-chain as many units you want in a synchronized light show to the sound. DMX control mode gives you the greatest flexibility and creativity. Each fixture trait can be controlled individually using any universal DMX-512 controller. The Intimidator's double bracket yoke doubles as a floor stand. Bulb saver cuts off after 10 seconds.

Chauvet Intimidator 1.0 DMX Intelligent Scanner Features:

  • 4-channel DMX-512 intelligent scanner
  • Combined dichroic color/gobo wheel: 14 gobos plus open, 18 colors plus white
  • Strobing
  • Pan: 180 degrees in .5 sec.
  • Tilt: 90 degrees in .3 sec.
  • Smart Link
  • Built-in beat-activated and automated programs (standalone)
  • Surface-coated mirror for optimum luminosity
  • Automatically enters standalone when no DMX signal is present
  • Linkable via master/slave
  • Micro-stepping motors
  • Thermal switch
  • Fan cooled
  • Double bracket yoke doubles as floor stand
  • Bulb saver cuts off after 10 seconds
  • Programmable via universal DMX-512 controller
  • Bulb: ELC 24V 250W
  • Power: 110V or 230V
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs. (4.26kg)
  • Size: 13" x 6.31" x 5.31"

Chauvet LightingVue
Chauvet Vue III PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs DMX Table

CONTROL FEATURES * Watch Demo Video *
9-channel DMX-512 LED wide coverage moon flower Blackout/static/strobe Individual control of red, green and blue LEDs within each cluster (7 total) Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX Creates firework-like projections Additional power output: max 20 units (see manual for details)

Beam angle: 61
Light source: 469 (280 red, 63 green, 126 blue) LEDs 100,000hrs
Power and current: 120V, 60Hz: 41W, 0.3A operating, 0.2A inrush
AC power: Autoswitching 100V 240V 50/60Hz
Weight: 12lbs (5.5kgs)
Size: 12in x 11in x 11in
305mm x 279mm x 279mm

American DJNEW!!!
American DJ - LED Messenger * Watch Demo Video * PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual
Be the hit of the next party! Create stunning text graphics on the wall, ceiling or dance floor with the American DJ, LED Messenger. With the use of its own wireless remote or a computer keyboard (PS2 type - not included) users can type messages using the 192 built-in high output red, green and blue LEDs. The unit can also function as a high out LED moonflower effect in DMX or Sound Active modes.

LED Moonflower with 192 sharp Red, Green & Blue high output colored beams (5mm LEDs: 72 Red, 48 Green & 72 Blue)
Output similar to a 400W Halogen lamp
Slow smooth and Fast Sharp movements
Produces a wide coverage of LED patterns and text letters that can be projected on a ceiling, dance floor or wall
10 built-in phrases (Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Congratulations, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween, Happy St. Patricks Day, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Last Call)
5 Programmable phrases (Up to 30 characters per phrase total)
Easy-to-use - Operational by its own built-in light show (Sound active) or DMX-512 (USITT)
High output with new lens technology
Very low power consumption
Extreme long lifetime of the LEDs (100,000 hr. rating)
Linkable via 3-pin XLR DMX In/Output
3 DMX Channels
LED DMX display with 4-button LED menu
AC IEC outlet on rear to daisy chain power
PS2 type keyboard input on rear of unit to input characters and letters (keyboard not included0
Light source adjustable manually from outside
Includes mounting brackets
Low Power consumption: 55W
Multi-voltage: 120~240V, 50/60Hz
Programmable wireless remote and IR sensor included - used to edit/add LED text or operate moonflower programs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.75 x 9 x 9 /320x230x230mm
Weight: 15 lbs. / 6.8 kgs.




Chauvet Lighting
Rent ME! Chauvet LGX Green Laser PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Pattern Chart

For the first time in the USA, you can now operate high-powered lasers without a special variance from the FDA, thanks to Chauvet's Fat Beam technology. Usually, only lasers up to 4.95mW can be legally operated without a special waiver. Not anymore. The Scorpion LGX laser features powerful 10mW laser diodes yet requires no special waiver. A novel design of the laser diodes and wider-than-usual beams create a dramatic increase in perceived brightness, up to 10 times that of standard lasers. The Scorpion LGX is a highly portable, 10mW, linkable green laser with wireless remote control. It operates in sound active, automatic or master/slave mode and features 80 preset patterns. Conforms to FDA and IEC standards for class IIIR lasers. * Watch Demo Video *

Chauvet Scorpion LGX Green Laser Features:

  • 10mW green laser
  • Fat Beam laser technology produces 10-14mm beams, which complies with IEC Safety Standards under Class IIIR
  • 80 preset patterns
  • Operating modes: auto, sound-active, master/slave
  • Linking cable included
  • Wireless remote included for manual mode of operation
  • Scanning (micro-stepping) motors
  • Sound sensitivity control
  • Fan-cooled
  • Euro-design plastic case
  • Rugged construction
  • Laser: 532nm/10mWDPSS YV04 green laser module
  • No variance required
  • Current draw: (peak 30W @ 120V), (peak 30W @ 230V)
  • Power: Switchable 120V/230V or 230V
  • Weight: 8 lbs. (3.63kg)
  • Size: 10.5" x 9.5" x 7" (266mm x 241mm x 177.8mm)
Lighting Controllers

Chauvet Lighting
Chauvet CH-751 Strobe Controller PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual


  • Controls 1 to 6 strobes
  • Sound activation
  • Speed control
  • Momentary switch
  • Mono strobes only
  • On / Off switch
  • EST-10MONO 33' cable
  • Size: 6in x 3in x 2.5in
  • Shipping Weight: 1.35lbs
  • Master Packed 24pcs / 32.4lbs
  • Power: Switchable 110v / 230v

Strobe Lights

American DJ
Rent ME! American DJ Mega Flash DMX Strobe (800 Watts)
2 DMX channels for speed and dimming. Sound active with built-in microphone PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual

American DJ Mega Flash DMX is an 800W strobe light with a compact design, and compatibility with the DMX-512 protocol. Features include 2 DMX channels for speed and dimming, speed and dimmer control knob on rear of unit, 0-100% dimming and sound active control with built-in microphone.



American DJ Mega Flash DMX Features and Specifications

Powerful 800Watts DMX strobe light
Compact design
DMX-512 protocol
2 DMX channels for speed and dimming
Speed and dimmer control knob on rear of unit
0-100% dimming control
Sound active with built-in microphone
Lamp: ZB-800, 800W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4 x 15.5 x 8.5 / 102 x 394 x 216mm
Weight: 5 lbs. / 2.2kgs.

Rent ME! Chauvet ST-2000S Techno Strobe Light 2000S PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual

75 watts
Adjustable speed (1-20fps)
10 million-flash life
2-position switch:
Sound active
Manual speed
Linkable via mono cable (EST-10MONO)
Chasing via optional controller
DMX via optional converter




Smoke & Fog Machines

Chauvet Lighting
Rent ME! Chauvet Hurricane F-800 Smoke Machine PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual

Power 120V~60Hz AC - 230V~50Hz AC
Fuse 20mm Glass 7A Fast Blow - 20mm Glass 4A Fast Blow
Preheat Time 4 minutes
Fog Output 3,000 cu ft per minute
Tank Capacity 1 Liter / Quart
Dimensions 315 x 160 x 135mm / 12.4in x 6.3in x 5.3in
Weight 4kg / 8.8lbs


Caution: Fog Machines may set off Smoke Alarms!


American DJ
Rent ME! American DJ DYNO-FOG II Smoke Machine
PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual

Now with New Outboard Fog Switch
An affordable medium duty fogger!
1,000 Watt heater
4,000 cu. ft. per minute output
10 ft. cable with controller
1-quart removable fog fluid container
Hanging bracket
Warm-up time: 5 minutes
Dimensions: 7" x 6.25" x 15.25"
Weight: 10 lbs.
ETL and ETLC approved

Caution: Fog Machines may set off Smoke Alarms!


 Rent ME! Black Label Premium Fog / Smoke Juice

Perfect for:

  • DJs
  • Concerts
  • Stages
  • Parties
  • Theaters
  • Special Events

American DJ
Rent ME! Fog Scents
Strawberry, Vanilla, Lemon, Peach, Tropical,

Rent ME!
Tekno Bubbles (Black Light Bubbles)
Indianapolis DJ Uses Tekno BubblesTEKNO BUBBLES are patented, safe non-toxic blowing bubbles that look and act like normal bubbles under regular lighting, yet are unlike any other bubbles in the world. Blue Tekno Bubbles have a beautiful, brilliant glow under UV (black light) lighted conditions. "The key to fluorescence is harnessing the energy of black light - turning invisible light into light we can see. All light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and it has a dual character - behaving simultaneously like a wave and like a stream of particles called photons. The photons we humans can see (the visible light spectrum) is red at one end, green in the middle, and violet at the other end. The colors can be characterized by their wavelength as well as the energy of their photons. Red has the longest wavelength and the least energetic photon, while violet light has a shorter wavelength and more energy. "
(Watch Demo Video) 15MB 1min 9sec ** This video may take a few to load **

Chauvet Lighting
Rent ME! Chauvet Black Light 18 Inch PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual

U.L. approved
On/off switch
Ready to go
Complete with reflector
Power: 110V or 230V
Weight: 1.9lbs (.9kg)
Size: 18in x 3.5in x 1.5in
457mm x 89mm x 38mm

18 Inch (20 Watt) Foot & 4 Foot (40 Watt) black lights.

Chauvet Lighting
Rent ME! Chauvet Black Light 48 Inch PDF Document, Indianapolis DJ, Indianapolis DJs Manual

On/off switch
Ready to go

Light source: F40BLB 40W
Power: 110V or 230V
Weight: 3.5lbs (1.6kgs)
Size: 52in x 2in x 2in
1321mm x 51mm x 51mm


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